De Brandweer

The former brandweerkazerne on Capucijnenstraat is located on the border of the historic city centre and the vibrant new Sphinxkwartier. Today the kazerne has a dynamic, lively and creative character under the name 'De Brandweer'. De Brandweer is a collective and a creative and inspiring meeting place for Maastricht and the surrounding area.

The brandweerkazerne was designed by architect Jan Zollner and built in 1959. For forty years, the kazerne was the operating base of the Maastricht fire brigade. The adjacent fireman's flat was home to firemen and their families until the 1980s. Complete with alarm bells, because the firemen had to be able to turn out quickly at all times. In the 1980s, the bells were disconnected and the flat released for other tenants. The brandweerkazerne remained in use until 1999. Then the Maastricht fire brigade moved to a brand-new kazerne at the Willem Alexanderweg, close to the A2 and Noorderbrug motorways.

Watch a film here from the days when the brandweerkazerne was still a real kazerne .

After years of vacancy, the municipality of Maastricht decided to give the old brandweerkazerne a new lease of life. Architectural firm StudioStad rebuilt the kazerne with a minimal budget and won the prestigious Victor de Stuers Award for their design. The building is now a gathering point for businesses and should be seen as a collective, creative and inspiring meeting place for Maastricht and the surrounding area.  


De Brandweer has a large multifunctional space that can be rented for meetings, events or cosy gatherings.

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